Handmade leather bags‧Wing
  • Wing bags provides handmade purses from local Taiwan brand- Wing. The purses are made with premium quality of calfskin from Europe and in distinctive sewing method. The distinctive styles and colors will make you the spotlight among people.
    Wing has combined adorable animal shapes with the purses, including cat, elephant, dog, sheep, pig, chicken and more. What’s more, Wing is pleased to work with retail stores, department store and more.
  • Cat Series

    The adorable angel cat has a pair of wings and is always thinking about flying around exploring the world. It is like an elf which longs for freedom.
  • Dog Series

    The wisdom dachshund has four lovely short legs wandering freely in the world of purse.
  • Elephant Series

    The innocent lucky elephant has a coin playing in front of it as if it is trying to make you laugh any moments.
  • Sheep Series

    The look of idle sheep seems like to remind people to slow down your pace and savor the present moment.
  • Pig Series

    The lovely pig seems like wondering why it appears on the purse. It is actually a symbol of mascot that indicates lucky.
  • Chicken Series

    “Coo- coo”! The chicken is always the first one getting up in the morning. The energetic appearance will make the owner even more energetic.
  • Store information:

    ■Retail store wanted: JioSun Store has its own factory and professional designers.
             The store is warmly welcomed distributors, retail stores, boutique stores and more cooperating with it.
             For interested party please call 0955-353592 for Miss Wang

    ■Store official website: http://www.wing2004.com.tw/


    ■Opening hours: 0830-1730

    ‧Wing purse, phone bag, notebook, key chain, cosmetics case, small purse

    1.Limited styles
    3.Calfskin from Europe
    4.Warranty after purchase
    5.Anti-mildew on the surface of the purse
    6.Each type of purse has storage design

     The texture of the calfskin is diversed from one another.
     There might be wrinkles and small pieces dropping from the calfskin;
     there are the prooves of natural calfskin, customers can purchase with any worries.

    ■Leather maintenance
    1.Wipe the surface of the leather with soft fabric. Use some leather oil or lotion.
    2.Suede leather can be wiped with eraser.

    Address: No.27, Daqiao 1st St., Yongkang Dist., Tainan City 710, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • 營業電話:06-3022199